Do enterprise analysis everywhere with everyone

Nowadays, work is not always done in a corporate building where you have access to online applications. Sometimes you get work done while commuting, traveling, or at home. Doing analysis on the go is simply plug and play from now on. You can install iDev Studio on a portable device – such as an external hard drive. This gives you the freedom to perform enterprise analysis everywhere. iDev Studio stores every artifact as a file. This enables teams not only to integrate iDev Studio into their current source control infrastructure, but also empowers you to do analysis offline, be flexible and save time.

Navigation Explorer

Organize artifacts like never before with the new Navigation Explorer. Workspaces allow you to keep artifacts organized. Link a workspace to a folder and you are ready to go. No more system access required. Workspaces are also a great way to share a common directory within your organization. Navigation Explorer is designed to instantly display all your artifacts in your workspaces, so you can access with a simple double-click.

Metadata Discovery

Metadata Explorer displays metadata from ODBC data sources allowing users to immediately discover metadata. Metadata objects can be sorted in categorized or alphabetic view. Metadata Discovery can be performed against almost any database. Some of the more well-known systems include:

Actian PSQLInformixNetezza
Amazon RedshiftInterBaseOracle
EnterpriseDBMicrosoft AccessPostgreSQL
FirebirdMicrosoft Azure SQLSQLite
HP VerticaMicrosoft SQL ServerSybase (ASA, ASE, IQ)
IBM DB2MySQLTeradata

Metadata Search Engine finds metadata objects and columns across databases and schemas in real-time when typing in the search field. Dependency Analyzer performs data lineage analysis in real-time and displays bi-directional foreign key relationships. Selecting the Dependency Analyzer icon beside the metadata object shows all relationships and allows to easily add a referencing object to the data mapping with one single click.n

Advanced Technology

Visual Data Mapping Technology shows metadata and linking information to give you unprecedented data mapping capabilities. Dimensional, Relational or Data Vault Modeling – any integration scenario can be visualized and mapped. Column Auto-Linking automatically connects ports between identical source and target columns. Drag and Drop data objects from the metadata explorer or add Multiple Data Objects at once. It’s your choice. Unicode Support ensures that anyone in the world can analyze and link metadata in data mappings.