How social media marketing and search engine optimization differ

Social media marketing is promoting a product or service through social media platforms and websites. Social media platforms are gaining popularity due to the increasing number of users and their rising engagement with the platforms. Being active on social media keeps you updated with the latest trends in the digital market. There are several digital marketing companies in Virginia offering excellent social media marketing services.

Search engine optimization is about getting quality and quantity traffic on your website through search engine rankings. The search engine ranking is the prime factor that determines the traffic on your website. Search engine optimization focuses on improving the search engine rankings to drive more unpaid/organic traffic to the website. For example, when you search for ‘digital marketing Virginia,’ the search engine shows the most relevant websites for the query at the top of the search engine results page(SERP).

  1. Social media marketing helps you reach out to a larger audience and discover new opportunities and implement innovative strategies. You don’t have complete knowledge of how the users on social media are thinking. Social media is an excellent tool for spreading brand awareness. Although, the audience is more likely to share your product on social media than making a purchase. Whereas on the search engine, when a user is looking up something, and your website appears based on relevancy, the user is more likely to purchase than sharing it and spreading awareness.

2. The content on social media should be engaging, so the audience wishes to share it and build brand awareness. Engaging with the current trending topics and content that instigate the audience’s emotional response drives more response on social media platforms. On the other hand, research-based content performs best on search engines. Content that provides value with the information gets more response from the audience.

3. Social media platforms work best with visuals as images and videos are among the most shared formats. You need to grab the user’s attention with catchy headlines and caption. On the search engines, long textual formats give the best results and are suited best for the purpose of search engine optimization. The similarity between both of these is that it takes time to get established on social media as well as to rank high on the search engine. The audience’s results and response can be seen in very little time on social media, but it takes enough time and effort to gain followers. Similarly, the results of SEO are generally slow and uncertain.

4. On social media platforms, your content gets the most visibility and traffic within minutes of posting it. Even if you get a quick and good response from your audience, achieving social media success requires continuous hard work and effort. On the other hand, once the page gets a high ranking, it gets lasting visibility and traffic. The high ranking on search engines lasts for weeks or months.

There are different benefits of both search engine optimization and social media marketing. For best results on the internet, it’s best to use both of these marketing strategies together. Social media can help you create awareness, and search engine optimization will bring you website traffic and conversions.